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Ministry's Mission & Objectives - Agape Wilderness Retreat



• Agape Christian Ministries, Inc. is a Christ-centered, non-denominational organization.

• Our purpose is to provide opportunities for people to experience the abundant life in Jesus Christ (John 10:10).

• These opportunities include: retreats for men, women, marriage enrichment, pastoral, and youth as well as providing the facilities for self-directed retreats.

• It is also our desire to serve local churches and communities as an extension of their activities.


• To challenge people to develop a meaningful relationship with Christ and each other

• To challenge people to see themselves as God sees them; no more and no less

• To challenge individuals to deepen their faith

• To make available to the local church and community the use of the facilities of Agape Wilderness Retrreat


Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Brad Rumer

- 13+ years ministry experience as a Youth Pastor, Children's Minister, Worship Leader

- Graduate of Boyce Bible College - SBTS

Peggy Rumer

- Worship leader, Women's Ministry Leader, Bible Study Leader, Teacher, & Gourmet Cook

Mark Smithson

- 30+ years of leadership experience at Fortune 100 companies

- 25+ years of experience in Bible Study Leadership

Susan Smithson

- 25+ years of experience in Bible Study Leadership

- 18 years as Director of Leisure Ministries at Middletown United Methodist Church

- Gourmet Cook